Benefits of Using a FASS System in Your Diesel Truck

A FASS is a fuel lift pump and fuel filtration system in one. It doesn’t come in diesel powered trucks automatically, but is an amazing upgrade that many people choose to add. With such an exciting plethora of benefits of the installation, there is little wonder why it is such a popular install. Wondering what the benefits of installing a fuel air seperation system are? Read below to learn more and take the plunge to add a FASS system to your truck as soon as possible.

fuel air seperation system

·    Improve Truck Mileage: Gas is not cheap to add to the truck. Wouldn’t you like to go farther on every drop of gas you add to the truck? Install the FASS and you improve truck mileage considerably.

·    Improves System Functioning: With a 10-micron water separator and 3-micron fuel filter, all of the contaminants that could enter the injection system do not stand a chance of getting inside. This protects your diesel system so that there is less breakdown and more operation.

·    Increased Lubrication: The FASS system increases the lubrication of the moving components in the truck. This reduces the risk of friction and maximizes the lifetime and efficiency of the truck.

·    More Power: Do you want to maximize the power of your truck? The big boys have the most powerful trucks and with the added power, you’ll impress a few people. Of course you want this exciting benefit to come your way and installing a FASS makes that easier.

Awesome benefits of the FASS, don’t you agree? If you drive a diesel truck, you can add the FASS to the truck and enjoy these perks and many others as well.  It is a cost-effective component that you’ll appreciate installing in the vehicle.