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How to Care for Boats

Boats require maintenance to keep them in proper condition. Expeditions are made dangerous is regular maintenance isn’t performed. If you need to know about how to keep your boat in pristine condition, here are some tips.

Gelcoats, Polishes, & Waxes

A fiberglass boat comes with gelcoats that must be maintained both on the deck and on the sides of the hull. In good condition, gelcoats are the tough and glossy material that is used to protect the fiberglass from wear and tear. Damage can be done to fiberglass by salt, the sun, and other things that mother nature tends to throw at boats. When it is in poor condition, gelcoats look hazy and chalky. They should be waxed and polished to maintain their protective properties.

Marine Canvas

It is important to keep canvas material clean. Do not use your home washer or dryer to clean the canvas, as this will destroy the marine fabric. Using a light brush works well, along with a mild soap and fresh water. This will remove salt, animal droppings, dirt, and any other materials from the fabric. Keeping it clean keeps it waterproof and prevents mildew and other bacteria and fungi from invading the canvas. You can use a waterproofing treatment to make sure it is waterproof before taking the boat out on the water.

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Vinyl is the material most commonly used for boat furniture. It is very tough and durable, but cleaners can cause damage. Use a sponge and mild soap to clean seats and make sure to rinse them thoroughly. Strong cleaners, such as bleach, can break down the material over a period of time and lead to seats needing to be replaced.

It takes some work to keep your boat in pristine condition. It takes just as much work to do marine construction services, but it is worth it. The docks and seawalls you rely on need to be maintained just like your boat, so make the work count.